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Dealing in All Hotels Aspects : Consultancy, Partnership, Training & Development

Professional Services

QR provides a complete range of professional services, which are designed to give specialized assistance to all clients, hotel owners and developers. Services offered include:
– Hotel development with or without an international brand name
– Concept development of hotels
– Overseeing construction of hotels and technical services
– Managing and operating hotels
– Management advisory service
– Niche marketing of hotels
– Full marketing services
– Executive search and recruitment for the hospitality industry
Our services are vertically integrated to assure continued client support during the lengthy and highly complex life of a hotel.

1. Management Advisory Services
Perhaps the most fundamental requirement of any organization is the ability of management to exercises control based on up-to-date and relevant information. The benefits to be derived from enhanced financial awareness and control are considerable and can make a major contribution towards maximizing the strength on handling the decline of a hotel.
Services provided for clients encompass the whole spectrum of business entity and include:
– Assisting a hotel to develop its strategic planning including the setting up of corporate objectives and formulation of short and long-term operation plans.
– Advising a hotel on schemes for profitability improvement, rationalization of activities, better resource utilization and cost reduction programs.
– Advising on short and long term financial planning, including budgeting and budgetary control systems.
– Reviewing the extent to which existing management information systems support a hotel’s current and future objectives and policies.
2. Hotel Development Services
The development services provided by QR is divided into five phases:
Phase I :
covers initial tasks of analyzing exact feasibility of new hotel project: market position and share; financial projections based on a realistic appraisal of market share and foreseeable trading conditions.

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