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Dealing in All Hotels Aspects : Consultancy, Partnership, Training & Development


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Ilie WANTAH, had his Career objective to serving several international an established group, where he has proven his quality of work and continuous improvement have grown advancement within the hospitality industry.

Ilie professional profile is focussed to a quality results in all aspects of service such as professional attitude, innovative, problem solver as well as obligation to meet deadlines, based on which he has been appointed as the Secretary General of IAPINDO (Ikatan Ahli Perhotelan Indonesia), a stakeholder to the Minstry of Tourism and In the midst of his busy under- pressure time, he has compiled his most valuable 43 years experience in the hotel industry into books:

Front Office,
Human Resources & Development
Hotel Housekeeping & Laundry
Hotel Sales, Marketing & Convention
Emergency Plan, Engineering & Security
F&B Production
Hotel Finance (Administration)
Cashiering, EDP and Purchasing

In achieving his career, he attended several schools:

Indonesia Hotel Academy (ATELINDO), Jakarta

Indonesia Academy of Labour Science (AIPI), Jakarta

Hong Kong Polytechnics, Diploma in Hospitality Finance

Hong Kong University, Professional and Continuing Education


Lecturing at Petra University (Surabaya), Faculty of Economics: Hotel & Tourism.

Apart from formal schools, professional courses had played a broad spectrum to his knowledge:

Leadership Development (Westin University, Seattle – USA), English Language (Cambridge University), Military Ergonomics (Center Development of Armed Forces), Occupational Health & Safety (Center of Hygiene and Health), Industrial Pollution     Control, Job Evaluation Study, Basic Management Study, Hygiene & Food Nutrition Course;

Also Fire & Safety Hazard at NFPA (USA), Safety & Health Assistant Inspector Certification, and Marketing –Export Course by UN-CTAD/GATT Diploma.

Further, due to his expertise he was invited in several occasions to be key speaker such as on

  • Competency and Skills by Hotel Human Resources Manager Association
  • National Symposium on Development of Hospitality Education
  • Standardization based on competency for Indonesian Air Cabin Association
  • Bidakara Group: Supervisor development and Executive career path
  • Group Metropolitan Land: 1. Supervisor y + 2. Managerial development
  • Hotel Human Resources towards AFTA 2003 (for public), Jakarta
  • Anticipation the Globalization 2003, AMSM, Surabaya, Jawa Timur
  • Human Resources towards Globalization, Seattle, USA

Professional organization he joins is IAPINDO (Ikatan Ahli Perhotelan Indonesia), where he is appointed to be the Secretary General.

mailto :    ilie.wantah@qrhotels.co.id

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