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Dealing in All Hotels Aspects : Consultancy, Partnership, Training & Development

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Lecturing at Petra University (Surabaya), Faculty of Economics: Hotel & Tourism.

Apart from formal schools, professional courses had played a broad spectrum to his knowledge:

Leadership Development (Westin University, Seattle – USA), English Language (Cambridge University), Military Ergonomics (Center Development of Armed Forces), Occupational Health & Safety (Center of Hygiene and Health), Industrial Pollution     Control, Job Evaluation Study, Basic Management Study, Hygiene & Food Nutrition Course;

Also Fire & Safety Hazard at NFPA (USA), Safety & Health Assistant Inspector Certification, and Marketing –Export Course by UN-CTAD/GATT Diploma.

Further, due to his expertise he was invited in several occasions to be key speaker such as on

  • Competency and Skills by Hotel Human Resources Manager Association
  • National Symposium on Development of Hospitality Education
  • Standardization based on competency for Indonesian Air Cabin Association
  • Bidakara Group: Supervisor development and Executive career path
  • Group Metropolitan Land: 1. Supervisor y + 2. Managerial development
  • Hotel Human Resources towards AFTA 2003 (for public), Jakarta
  • Anticipation the Globalization 2003, AMSM, Surabaya, Jawa Timur
  • Human Resources towards Globalization, Seattle, USA

Professional organization he joins is IAPINDO (Ikatan Ahli Perhotelan Indonesia), where he is appointed to be the Secretary General.

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