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Dealing in All Hotels Aspects : Consultancy, Partnership, Training & Development


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Phase III :
details the steps we will undertake in business and marketing planning.
Business Philosophy
Establishing the trading goals of the hotel and business philosophy that will apply to all deals related to the project.
Economic and political Operating Climate
A detailed review of prevailing economic and political situation of the destination where the hotel operates and other industry in general. This includes government policies vis-à-vis travel industry, economic development plans, etc.
Marketing and Pricing
An outline of the main marketing strategies used to position and sell the hotel. Pricing strategies will be derived from this marketing analysis.
Business Plan
The business goals, philosophy, economic and political climates, key marketing and pricing strategies, will be detailed in the business plans focusing on:
• Marketing and Sales
• Food and Beverage
• Operations
Phase IV:
covers actual pre-opening period, all aspects of operations, human resources and marketing, where business plans are executed.
Pre-Opening Schedules / Critical Path
A comprehensive and detailed listing of all areas of operations, human resources and marketing, and their timings of launches etc. will be drawn.
Recruitment of all key staff in early pre-opening stage, leading to full recruitment as required in the manning guide.
Training Programs will be established simultaneously with each stage of recruitment.
Professional supervision and execution of all pre-opening purchasing required, including setting up purchasing systems.
Pre-Opening Marketing
This covers pre-opening advertising in key source markets and supported by public relations activities in market as well as local community.
Pre-opening sales activities (completed with collateral such as brochures, posters, flyers, etc) will also be activated in key markets, relevant trade and road shows as per marketing plan.
Phase V :
This Phase involves the ongoing operation of the hotel that entails preparing annual business plans and full budgets in consultation with the owner.

3. Marketing Service
QR has a division that specializes in travel-related services marketing, and has extensive experience in hospitality industry, QR also maintains experienced sales unit with extensive affiliations with travel industry in the Asia / Pacific region. Clients can avail themselves of fully-dedicated sales and marketing organization, this means QR will acquire clients’ identity office for any sales and marketing efforts.
QR Marketing Advantage
QR can deliver more sales and marketing service to its clients at a lower cost.
QR has extensive networks in the Asia/Pacific region and is able to reach agents and key industry personnel to sell clients products.
QR is expert in advertising and promoting hotels through consumer media, trade media and direct mail.
QR maintains a list of over 300 wholesalers, tour operators and travel agents.
QR knows how to obtain maximum impact on clients through public relations through a carefully orchestrated program of press releases and events
QR makes assure clientele receive frequent and positive media attention.
QR maintains a press list of over 300 trade and selected consumer media in the Asia/Pacific region as well as Europe.
QR also has a network of sales agents throughout the Asia/Pacific region that will provide necessary client and maximize call opportunities.
4. Other Hotel Services
Manpower Development
QR Hotels training programs, either pre-opening, refreshing or upgrading, are professionally tailored to meet the operational standard of each individual hotel.
In-House Consultation Services
Assisting and advising the Hotel Managers and Owners in implementing service improvement and cost efficiency programs, encompassing
(1) Operation Efficiency
(2) Cost-Control
(3) Marketing / Business Plan
(4) Administration & Financial Management
(5) Human Resources Development
Reservations, Representation and Franchising.


QR Hotels, will make available its experience and know-how in designing and planning of the hotel, thereby provides the Owners with comprehensive assistance in the development phase of the hotel.
The service shall comprise advice to the Owner on:
Stage I Project Planning & Design:
– Architecture,
– Interior Design,
– FF & E,
– M & E,
– Art Work,
– Etc.
Stage II Project Monitoring & Coordinating:
– Construction,
– Installation,
– Etc.
Stage III Preparation for Opening:
– Budget,
– Forecast,
– Training Program,
– Etc.

From the signing of the agreement usually at the earliest stage of the project development, until the complement of the project as per schedule mutually agreed upon.

Professional fee:
Based on the project value or total number of rooms.

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