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Dealing in All Hotels Aspects : Consultancy, Partnership, Training & Development

next Fajar Suryawan

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2001 -2002       Bali Gardenia Hotel                                  Bali, Ina

Sales Manager

  • Updates the future demand and trend to hotel
  • SWOT  & competitive analysis
  • Evaluate and improved the spending efficiency and impact of marketing expenditure

2000 – 2001                 Pacific Cigar Co Ltd.                     Bali, INA

Branch Wholesale

  • Increased efficiency and training system for wholesale and retail market
  • Building image and lifestyle of Cuban Cigar as a sole distributors of Asia pacific
  • Motivating wholesale staff/ operator with people skills and know how  in maintaining cigar as luxury items
  • Organizing event  for  local sales and promote fascinating events
  • Do quality control for product, temperature and performance of cigar  in humidor

1998 -2000    Finna Golf & Resorts.                           Malang, INA

Asst  F&B Manager

  • Increased efficiency and training system for staff
  • Maintain calendar event as a function coordinator.

The Westin Surabaya Hotel  (Starwood Hotels)

F&B Outlet Manager (Pavilion and Tang Palace)

Do Quality service and performance

The Surabaya Equator. As Night Manager

  • Controlling and supervise Night Operation
  • Handling emergency a

1994-1995       Rotisserie AU CAFIGNON la Chaux de Fonds, CHA


  • Meal set up and kitchen operation for 312 sitting capacity with 1.5% turnover
  • Creating cycle Menu for Summer, Fruhlings, Winter  and Terrace
  • Prepare, cook  and design for  Fine Dining, Coffee shop and Bar snack
  • Menu engineering, Setting cost and cost controlling.


  • Mexican Food Festival ; 1st prize 1993
  • Nidwalden Cantonal Asian Food Festival, Stansstad Switzerland 1994
  • The Westin Surabaya Hotel; Pre opening Team 1996
  • Familiar in Windows 98, XP; Microsoft Office 97, 2000, 2003 & 2007
  • Language: Indonesian and English. And knowledge of German and French
  • Former Chairman of Mercedes Benz Club Bali


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