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Dealing in All Hotels Aspects : Consultancy, Partnership, Training & Development


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Concept and Philosophy
An overview of the proposed owner’s project outlining type of hotel, location, market, initial assumptions for the feasibility of building hotel in a particular destination, and results expected from the development and how it fits to owner’s business portfolio.
Market Study/Impact Analysis
A review of the market and its conditions in which market the hotel will take share. This will also cover an analysis on how the new hotel will affect the market in respect of its competitors, number of available rooms of the destination, visitor arrivals.
Strategies and Positioning
Following a thorough market analysis, we will be able to make initial recommendations on how the hotel should be positioned in the market. In other words, the markets which the hotel should cater, for optimum profitability, and how the product should be configured – to the of its market segment. The fundamental operating, pricing and marketing strategies for the hotel will derive from these information..
Financial Planning and Cash Flow Projections.
Having determined the scope and nature of the project, we will be able to provide an outline of the finance required, a cash flow analysis and 10-year cash flow projection.
The various components of Phase I will be reported to the owner in a compiled concise report in the process of assessing the project’s viability.

Phase II :
describes the services and steps assumed the project is assessed as sound and viable: the actual planning and project development supervision, including standards of construction, design, operation and marketing.
Having established that the project in hand is feasible, we will be able to move on to the next phase of detailing the actual configuration of the product in terms of construction, design, facilities and operations set up:
Project Definition
The optimum number of rooms, food and beverage outlets and kinds of facilities will be facilitated by the hotel to best tap its target market. This will include master list of all profit centers and outlets.
Obtaining or providing most appropriate guidelines and manuals on planning, constructions, safety, training and service standards. The these manuals will enable the hotel operator to supervise the project development and subsequent operation to the highest international standards.
Detailed Study on Project’s Impact on Community
• Competing facilities (i.e.: accommodation, entertainment, food & beverage)
• Local demand for the above
• Manpower
• Available technology
• Local produce, parts, etc.
Concept Development, will cover the following:
• Size
• Exterior (height of building, façade in relation to surroundings)
• Interior
• Safety/Fire standards
• Kitchen layouts
• Restaurant concepts and designs
• Computerization
This phase will generate a report to owners on the parameters of the product.
An action plan will be established with timings for working with architects, site team and management team.

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