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Dealing in All Hotels Aspects : Consultancy, Partnership, Training & Development


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When five hoteliers – Ilie G. Wantah, Ardi Suwardi, Airlangga Soedibjo, Fadjar Suryawan and Bramwell Pearce – with a cumulative total of ‘106’ years working experience in the development and management of hotels in the Asia / Pacific region decided to leave the corporate environment of international chain hotels, where each of them worked for more than 16 years and become entrepreneurs, it was welcomed by owners and developers with great enthusiasm. Hotel developers and operators face unprecedented choices and challenges in today’s market place. Aggressive development in recent years has created a wide range of new hotel and resort products. Hotel financing is increasingly difficult to obtain, and hotel management and development experience is becoming diluted.

These elements have made development decisions in the hospitality industry more difficult than at any time in the past. What to build, where and when, hinge on a multitude of inter-related factors, which determine whether a project will be economically viable. Professional services offered by


 are tailored to meet the needs of all types of hotel operations, large and small, and are geared to meet the demand of the particular market place in which the hotel operates.

While many hotel management companies operate in the Asia / Pacific market place, some of which are major international chains with attendant high overhead costs, QR is in the unique position of offering operational services with the full back-up facilities. Yet, by maintaining a lean core of seasoned professionals, it is able to keep costs to a minimum thus resulting in further cost-savings to owners and developers alike.

QR is unique in the services it offers. QR is in the position to offer management services as well as any independent hotel currently not affiliated with any international brand. In addition, QR has the flexibility to enter into lending their professional management expertise to the operating of hotels while providing hotel ownership with a voice in management decisions, and a share of management fees.

Because the founders of QR come from different disciplines of the hotel business, QR is in the unique position of being able to provide an in-depth knowledge of hotel development and operations, marketing and human resources management to the hospitality industry. We understand the critical relationships between financial, economic, management and operations elements in structuring the development of economically viable hotel project.


Recently created our company is committed to providing colleagues from the International Hospitality Industry with all aspect of Hotel Management which includes Operational Aspects: Front and Back of the house.

Human Resources and Training Support is considered one the critical part of this industry because hotel operations only can be performed by ‘people’ and can not be replaced by machineries.

Whilst no professional business can fail to place profitability amongst its objectives, none can expect to move forward without an absolute commitment to quality standards.

It is this commitment to quality, which is our primary objective – a commitment in operating our business in the most ethical and professional manner possible, a philosophy consistent with the high operational standards of today’s hotel industry leaders.

Operating to the highest standards of professionalism and discretion we believe that quality interpersonal relationships, objective and constructive counseling combined with appropriate training program assists the process of employees motivation, quality standards delivery and profitability.

Unlike many of our competitors we have a proven international hospitality both  operational and human resources background as well as expert in practical knowledge and managerial aspects.

Having first hand knowledge of clients and their operation is a positive advantage . . . . .

Being able to understand, assimilate and easily integrate into both political and cultural environment in which they operate is definitely a plus!



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